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Quality steel profile cutting since 2008

Over the past 10 years, SJSTEEL has been delivering quality profile cutting to metal fabricators and manufacturers servicing the transport, mining and construction industries.

From intricate one-off designs to heavy bulk orders, SJSTEEL offers Flame cutting , Plasma cutting and laser cutting, plus additional services like drilling, tapping, bending, bevelling, stud welding and more whether in-house or through our trusted network of metal processing providers.

Except Steel processing business ,we are large steel plates stockist and order production as per clients' size request ;

Company Basic information

Company Name :Shuo Jia Steel Sheet Processing and Marketing Co.,Ltd of Wugang

Year Established: 2008

Business type : Manufacturer,Trading company

Main Products :Steel plates Shapecut ,Wear resistant steel plates,High strength Steel Plates,Bulletproof Steel plates,Pressure vessel steel plates ,Carbon steel Plates,Shipbuilding Plates;

Operational Address :Zaolin town indutrial park ,Wugang City ,China

Number of Employees :50-101 people

Registration NO. :91410481676707372C

Date Of Issue :2008-6-13

Work shop and warehouse Size :5000 Square meters



Contact: Meloday He

Tel: +86-371-66837711

Phone: +86 18539970286

Email: wearsteelplate@foxmail.com

Add: Room 2907,No.2 ,Fuyuan Road ,Jinshui Block ,Zhengzhou ,China

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